Project Management Accounting Tool

Tool Information

Built on an open-source platform using PHP and requiring MySQL database, it is a web-based application that combines attention to specific donor rules when it comes to cost eligibility while offering project managers a constant overview of the expenditure process and activity-implementation rate as per official projects documents.
  • Number of Clients:764
  • Location:Global
  • Project values:40,000+ M EUR
  • Launch Year:2013
  • Current version:3.1
  • Architects:Elena & Khaldoun
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Project Description

P-MAT stands for Project Management Accounting Tool, and it is an application specifically designed for managing Projects, all kinds of them. EDGE experts have harnessed their collective experiences in project management to design a practical and multi-faceted digital tool that guides and support project managers in successful implementation in full transparence and satisfaction for the donors.

Implementation Challenges

P-MAT has been created to support project managers in combing attention to implementation deadlines and respect of financial rules in it. Rather than getting on with activities and then try to comply with eligibility rules ex-post, P-MAT allows proceeding hand-in-hand with both aspects.

  • Expenditure against budget headings in real time
  • Provide managers with the expenditure update
  • Remind project staff of the implementation record
  • Allow donors to follow the project finances
  • Cooperation between donors & implementors
  • Facilitate auditors work, ex-ante and ex-post

What We Did

P-MAT has been already successfully used to manage more than twenty projects with different contract types (service contracts, grants, public contracts, shared managements) and different founding sources (EU, multi-donors, national cooperation agencies).


Projects with very high burn-out rates and limited execution timeframes benefited greatly from a tool that allowed them to authorize, record and monitor expenses in real-time. The P-MAT customization for EU Lot 1 projects (implementation of election observation missions on behalf of the EU) has been an outstanding success.

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