Peace Monitoring Tool in Northern Iraq

Tool Information

This product is a bilingual digital platform in English and Arabic created to enable an online data collection system for quantitative and qualitative data. More than 100 field researchers are using the tool to collect information that is entered into questionnaires and different datasets allowing for immediate linkages and cause-effect graphic analysis.
  • Number of Users:764
  • Location:Iraq & Innsbruck
  • Project values:1,000+ M EUR
  • Launch Year:2019-2020
  • Current version:1.1
  • Architects:Leandro & Khaldoun
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Project Description

Building on almost a decade of experience in digital data collection applications, our experts moved the bar higher in adding data analysis features. In 2019 EDGE entered into a cooperation with the Innsbruck University and the Al Amal Centre in Erbil, Iraq to develop a digital tool to support the analysis of root causes of conflicts concerning the nomadic and refugee groups living in Northern Iraq.

Implementation Challenges

Academic research involving field data collection is a daunting task. Apart from the usual compromises in combining accuracy and speed, the variables related to the subjective interpretations of questions and answers related to sensitive socio-political issues require maximum efficiency and precision in questions formulation, training delivery and data-filtering techniques. EDGE experts set out to ensure that data are gathered in full transparency and without pressure with the minimal amount of mistakes and the ability to isolate and eliminate quickly inconsistent information.

  • Bilingual interfaces for results analysis
  • Customise Max Report compatiblity with MAXQDA
  • Real-time interaction between researchers and data-collectors
  • Field data validation
  • Training on standardizing the response interpretation
  • Data Migration to MAXQDA

What We Did

The tool we produced included the establishment of a database with analytical built-in functions and a flexible data-entry modality that would allow for the utilisation of different devices such as smartphones, tablets but also laptops a traditional paper-based forms, as illustrated in the picture on the right. We also maintain the database, monitoring performances and migrating data to different servers according to the requests of the project management team.


  • Optimised available data collection outlets to counter hostile environments threats (humidity, sandstorm and power-cuts)
  • Relate the interactions of the system with the factors affecting a particular process or effect to achieve common interpretation
  • Provided extensive training to allow multiple data collectors to verify and mutually double-check the collected information
  • Produced automated reports based on pre-ordered queries and provide remote analysts and observers with real-time statistics to monitor quality and pace of field-data collection
  • Monitored performance and migrated datasets to a locally-owned server.

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