Max Surveying Services (MSS)

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MSS is a web-based, multi-dimensional surveying plaftorm. Based on a customised version of the Max Report, offers the ability to rapidly adjust to respondents needs and combine different methodological approaches for data analyis. MSS optimizes the advantages of mixed-mode data collection, making the most of any available technology in varying and challenging field conditions.
  • Number of Users:1K+
  • Location:Global
  • Launch Year:2018
  • Current version:4.2
  • Architects: Alin & Khaldoun
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System Description

Building on the new features added to the MAX Report, the EDGE experts developed a customized version of it. This special version of MAX Report has been the result of specific studies and field research our experts had been involved in.

The collection of data for academic field research is predicated upon adherence to specific instructions for qualitative data collection that are exclusive to each single research project, and accuracy in implementing them across the board. Some academic institutions are mostly interested in the rigor of the data and related academic parameters; some NGOs may require instead animated and entertaining design that keep their potential respondents motivated and interested in the surveys’ aim; others may be just interested in achieving maximum coverage in the data collection effort. The standard systems available on-line do not offer the flexibility and easy customisations to tackle all these different needs. Adjustability to accommodate seemingly contradictory needs maintaining data accuracy and transparency had been instead the central axiom around which we proudly built MSS.

Implementation Challenges

Web-based surveys require addressing a multitude of different and often conflicting issues, especially at a time when big data undertakings seemingly offer already all needed answers. In the course of their varied field experiences, EDGE experts weighed advantages and disadvantages of different methodologies of web-based survey methods, spent countless hours solving sampling dilemmas and questionnaire design considerations. What we had to come up with was a flexible platform open to different needs and priorities, while maintaining the ability to provide suggestions to approaching potential respondents, maximising response rates and keeping data processing efficient and transparent. The issues we addressed with MSS were the following:

  • Meet rising demands for high-quality survey data
  • Optimise available technology for any type of surveying needs and field conditions ( mixed-mode data collection)
  • Combine volume and velocity with accuracy and data-filtering needs
  • Produce advanced modelling that could reduce the quantity of data required
  • Full attention to privacy and users’ control of provided data
  • Differentiate user experiences for mobile-data collectors and mobile data respondents

Who we serviced

  • Academic field surveys for universities
  • Engagement surveys for large-scale events participation
  • Inventory and archiving surveys for Electoral Management Bodies
  • Customer satisfaction surveys and training evaluation system for development cooperation agencies

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