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Tool Information

MAX Report is a qualitative reporting tool for observers. Based on a secure and solid web-based structure the report format enables observer groups to get a fast and reliable summary of the key findings from the field in real-time. This will ensure that the quality of observer reports is enhanced and enable the maximisation of observer input throughout the election observation period into overall mission analysis. All questions, analytical frameworks, search and viewing/mapping functionalities are fully customizable.
  • Number of Users:1K+
  • Location:Global
  • Number of Missions162
  • Launch Year:2013
  • Current version:2.1.0
  • Architects:Michael & Octavian
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Project Description

MAX Report is a suite of applications for data-gathering purposes. MAX stands for maximising the potential of reports, any report that requires data analysis, to support their conclusions. The first version came to light in 2013, harnessing the experiences of experts that had been working on different digital collection exercises. Since then, it has been used in electoral observation, university research projects, customer satisfaction surveys, migration and refugee registration projects.

Implementation Challenges

The most common challenge in any project, or academic research involving data collection, has always been to combine accuracy and speed. When there is one, the other is generally lacking. Max Report has been created to ensure that data are gathered with the minimal amount of mistakes, efficiently, timely and securely with any sort of device that may be available, from state of the art smartphones to old-fashioned desktops or even hard-copy questionnaires. Once the data is gathered, they can be verified, validated and analysed in real-time, providing the necessary content to the analysts in charge of the task. MAX will:

  • Optimise available technology and project resource
  • Collect data quickly in challenging environments
  • Allow the data collector to verify and double-check the collected information before sending
  • Allow for a centralised validation in full transparency
  • Provide remote analysts with real-time statistics
  • Produce automated reports based on pre-defined queries

What We Did

MAX Report has been already successfully used in more than forty projects, from election observation missions, to university researches, surveys and identity registration projects.


From Burundi to Mauritania, from Iraq to Spain the suite has been performing in different context and challenging environments. The EDGE Foundation is available to place MAX at disposal of any project for common good and customise the application for initiatives that are ethically valuable.

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