Cooperation with the League of Arab States

Tool Information

MAX Report is a qualitative reporting tool for observers. Based on a secure and solid web-based structure the report format enables observer groups to get a fast and reliable summary of the key findings from the field in real-time. This will ensure that the quality of observer reports is enhanced and enable the maximisation of observer input throughout the election observation period into overall mission analysis. All questions, analytical frameworks, search and viewing/mapping functionalities are fully customizable.
  • Number of Users:326
  • Location:Global
  • Number of Missions12
  • Launch Year:2013
  • Current version:2.0.1
  • Architects:Gillian & Leandro
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Project Description

Since 2013, EDGE experts have been providing training and technical assistance to the election observation activities of the League of Arab States. This led to a larger cooperation program that is now framed through a MoU and periodical exchange meetings on election observation methodology issues.

Implementation History

Following the surge of election observation demands generated by the Arab Spring, LAS undertook a thorough review of their methodological approach to election observation. The EDGE Foundation has been a proud partner for the LAS throughout the process, focusing specifically on providing technology support for electoral statistics analysis, linkages between observation activities and fundamental obligations for election and recommendations formulation. A specific version of Max Report was customised and deployed to the LAS headquarters to allow LAS observation mission to utilize the application in full independence. The key features of the LAS-EDGE cooperation cover the following:

  • Periodical customization for LAS EOMs
  • Participation to training of new LAS observers
  • Remote deployment of Max Report for LAS EOMs
  • Participation to methodological seminars of LAS
  • Design of trainings modules
  • Remote data storage and comparative analysis

What We Did

Max Report has been used to date in 12 LAS EOM and 3 every year. The League of Arab States has strengthened its position and has become a steady and reliable actor in democratic support also thanks to its engagement in election observation. The EDGE Foundation will continue to support the League of Arab States in its efforts in this domain.


The Max Report for LAS is a customised version of Max Report, designed entirely in Arabic and fully controlled by LAS Division of Political and Electoral Affairs. It can be downloaded in different digital devices according to the specifics of each and every EOM and provides the leadership of LAS EOM to analyse the results of their gathered data in real time. In November 2016, the EDGE Foundation and the League of Arab States entered into an MoU to foster their cooperation on election observation and strengthen their relationship of technical cooperation.

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